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    Advantages of Recognition of Prior Learning

    Rpl Recognition of Prior Learning
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    Recognition of Prior Learning is a segment of a scheme of the Australian Government (RPL). This scheme mainly focuses on a very important issue in Australia, that is unemployment. RPL is for the people who are currently working without any kind of degree, diploma or certification. This means that although they are employed, their work is not registered and they are not getting the benefits as an employee which they would have had if they had a degree in that particular field. Mostly these people start working on a skill in a very informal manner for the sake of survival and then learn by observing others or by the method of self learning. The chief motive of the RPL certification is to authorize the unauthorized workers and standardize their competencies to the level of the National Skills Qualification Framework. The process of RPL qualification begins with assessing the skills one already possesses and if they are up to the mark that is required to be certified. Through this scheme of the government the skills and learnings of the people are being valued and not wasted.

    1) Improve your CV with RPL Qualification

    CV is the first step that we take when we step out of our house to search for employment. It is important that you have a good CV as it instantly increases your chances to get selected for any job. Degrees and certificates are what we usually mention in the CV along with our personal traits and skill. Now for the people who know a task pretty well and are willing to work as an authorized and certified worker but do not possess any kind of degree must go for RPL assessment. Adding a certificate or course from RPL will make you stand out of the crowd.

    2) Earn more money

    RPL importance is much more than just improving your CV. With RPL certification you can earn more money. RPL basically makes you qualified without going through the standard or regular training program from a course. In cases like these the employer usually takes time to make the job permanent which directly affects job security and income. If you get qualified with RPL you can have job security and increased income.

    3) Save time and money on training programs

    This scheme is a great step taken by the government to recognize the prior learning of an individual. Something that they were doing or have been doing for the past so many years without proper certification can now be standardized with this process. You can save immense time, money and energy through RPL registration as you do not need to enroll yourself in a year long course and pay for the same. Paying for something that you already know how to do or have expertise in sounds like a waste of time and money. You can fill out the online CITS (Craft Instructor Training Scheme) RPL exam to get started with the process.

    4) The Time Duration of the course

    It generally takes around a few weeks to complete the process of RPL. You need to prove your eligibility for a particular course that you choose and collect the evidence for the same. After enrolling for a course a photograph or a video footage showing your work in the field of your expertise would be required. Other documents should also be included like your payslips, reference letters from past jobs etc. There may be a change of documents in different courses. A support team will help you gather all these before you apply for RPL assessment.

    5) The opportunity to permanently settle overseas

    RPL standardizes your qualification not just nationally but also according to the Australian standards. RPL Australia gives you an opportunity to get skilled, trained, qualified and settle down in Australia. Once you start working in the country your chances for permanent residency will expand. You can check out the RPL Courses in Australia on the official website. The completion of the RPL course will get you nationally accepted certification which will be acknowledged all over India and Australia. However, if the assessors find that there is a bridge yet to be crossed between your qualification and the skills you should possess then you will be provided with a training program to get you where you ought to be. After the successful completion of your course your Unique Student Identifier (USI) that is an online record of your qualification upto the required standards will be updated by the Frontier.

    6) Earn while you learn

    As stated above, this scheme has solely been launched to provide the people with better employment opportunities, job security and to authorize their work. You can still earn while you are enrolled in one of the RPL courses. This will help the individuals who are the sole breadwinners of their families as their regular income will not be compromised due to the ongoing course and training.

    7) Increase your career prospects

    With RPL knowledge and certification you can expand the prospects of your career. The nationally acclaimed certificate of your skill and training will get you ahead in your career. RPL is a great way to authorize your work and be a registered worker. It is significant for organizations to have a well trained workforce. Many companies spend a lot of money to train their staff. It is quite obvious that firms will go for the candidates that are already trained and skilled in their field, saving a lot of time and money.


    Recognition of Prior Learning is an innovative imitative for the betterment of youth and employees of Australia. The process is quick and easy. You just need to choose a course according to your field of expertise, collect the evidence required to prove that you meet the requirements for the certification of that particular course and fill out the application form. After setting up your account and going through the stages of RPL you will be assessed by an interviewer. The successful completion of the course will get you the certificate.

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