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    We are an industry leader in assisting individuals to obtain their intended qualification with the least amount of stress. We have several partner Australian certified education providers, institutes and colleges that are able to provide their qualifications to individuals without studying if they have prior experience in their field.

    If you gather all the required evidence and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) deems you not yet competent you will be eligible to receive a full refund of any fees you have paid. Alternatively, we can look to arrange additional training for you to fill any gaps that the RTO has highlighted.

    If Get Recognised Australia are unable to finalise your application having received the required evidence, any payment made will be refunded.


    We have a great team, and a culture of positivity with transparency with all our peers, clients, and partner RTOs. We have helped numerous individuals obtain their qualifications through having their skills certified.



    We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee if any of our client’s do not obtain their qualification.  We take our client’s goals seriously and provide a personalised approach and work together to obtain the desired RPL qualification.


    We provide ongoing support to our clients and colleagues. To ensure that we can all assist each other for a common purpose we provide updates from Australian RPL providers for any new changes, and educate our clients with ensuring they are well informed.

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