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    RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. As such RPL, is the process of recognising the skills and experience you already have and turning them into a nationally recognised qualification. Thus, this is the most beneficial method for experienced individuals to get their skills certified and thus get qualified in their qualification

    To explain a little more, when you enrol to study a course at a nationally recognised provider, there are generally two pathways in completing the course, firstly either you can study the course as you normally would, or if you already possess the skills through either work experience or previous qualifications then you may be able to complete the qualification without the need of study, and as such complete the qualification through the RPL pathway.

    The eligibility for a qualification or a course through RPL is predominantly prior work experience. If you have a solid understanding of the key areas of a qualification through employment and/or previous qualifications, then you are an ideal RPL candidate.

    The basic rule of thumb is; do you have enough understanding of the knowledge as someone else would if they obtained the qualification through the study pathway? If so then we should be good to go ahead.

    Would you expect a person who has worked as Chef at a leading restaurant, to go back to the classroom for 2 years to obtain his/her Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery? Probably not. As this person would be working full-time, and already maintain the knowledge through their work experience. Hence, as the RTO will recognise the prior learning, through the work experience, the person will be able to obtain the qualification without study. However, the person would require demonstrate the evidence of their work experience.

    There are 3 major steps in the RPL process.

    Skills Check
    • This is where our consultant does an initial assessment of your work experience, life experience, and previous studies. Based on the success of this we will only proceed to the second step. Thus, we will provide you with a customised checklist of documents that we will be required for us to proceed.
    RPL Evidence Review
    • Our accredited RTO partner will start the assessment of experience through the documents provided such as work experience letters, previous qualifications, transcripts, photos, and videos etc.
    Get Your RPL Qualification!
    • You will receive your qualification and academic transcript.


    All RPL qualifications are delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that are registered with the government to delivered Nationally Recognised Training.

    The government does indeed encourage individuals are businesses to upskill their educational background, and the RPL process is one that is favoured for individuals who already possess the knowledge through their work experience.

    You are required to provide us with evidence of your work experience, and/or previous qualifications to assist us to demonstrate your competency in the course area.

    The documents required for a qualification are specifically unique on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the qualification, and whether your prior learning is through work, life or study.

    Generally, the documents required are:

    RPL Evidence Review
    • Identity documents
    • Resume/CV
    • Employment Reference Letters
    • Past Qualifications
    • Referrals
    • Pictures and Videos

    Generally, for most qualifications the RPL process can take from 7-28 days. The processing time does vary on a case-by-case basis. The processing time varies based on the amount of recognition required, the time it takes for you to gather your evidence, as well if there are any potential gaps in your knowledge. For more technical qualifications, the processing time may take longer.

    The cost and price of an RPL depends on the qualification and your payment option.

    The average RPL cost is cheaper than completing a qualification through the full-study pathway.

    Absolutely. The minimum requirement for an RPL is that you have work experience in that industry. Having previous qualifications does indeed assist.

    We do a pre-assessment of your work and life experience before advising that you are suitable for an RPL. So, no we would not reject your RPL once we proceed.


    You obtain a qualification and transcript after the RPL process is complete, this is similar to once you complete studying a course.

    There are several benefits of obtaining a qualification through the RPL pathway.

    RPL Evidence Review
    • You will save time
    • Rather than studying for a 1 or 2 years for a course, you can have your qualification within a month!
    • You will save money
    • On average the RPL qualification costs much less than obtaining a qualification through study. As we are recognising your previous experience, not teaching you the course.
    • Get on with life
    • Instead of waiting to complete a qualification for a few years and then obtaining that job, or starting that business, you can get your life going within a month.

    RPL has so many benefits.

    RPL Evidence Review
    • Obtain a promotion
    • Progress your career
    • Obtain employment
    • Start a business
    • Certify your work experience with a qualification
    • Be relevant with your skills with a qualification
    • Build your Resume
    • Assist with visa and immigration applications


    The RPL process will provide you with your desired qualifications. This qualification may be mandatory in order to proceed with a licencing application.

    To obtain RPL for a qualification, the trainer and assessor of our partner RTO will require evidence of your prior experience. As this experience will be used to compensate the need to study the course. As such the evidence that is commonly used is:

    RPL Evidence Review
    • Employment Evidence
    • Work Experience Letters
    • Payslips
    • 3rd Party References
    • Self-Employment Declarations
    • Previous Qualifications/Transcripts
    • Resume/CV
    • 100 Points of ID
    • Industry Specific Evidence may be required:
          • For example, Photos and Videos for trade related qualifications

    No. As RPL is a process by means of obtaining a AQF nationally recognised qualification, the qualificationitself that you have obtained will not expire.

    Yes. As the Department of Education periodically updates qualifications and its related training packages, and/or units, you may be required to obtain a newer updated qualification by your employer or by your relevant industry body. We generally are able to credit transfer your existing similar units of the qualification, and either RPL the new units if you have evidence of this or completing the remaining units through gap training. Once complete, you will receive a new qualification that will be the latest qualification released by the Department.

    You should apply for an RPL if you feel that you have prior learning in the qualification or field of choice. This prior learning can either be work experience, and/or previous studies.

    • The price of an RPL qualification does indeed vary upon the qualification and the number of units that you are deemed to be competent in. Generally obtaining a qualification through RPL is significantly cheaper than if you were to study the course in a classroom-based setting. Please contact us and one of our Student Support Officer’s can discuss in detail the expected pricing for your qualification of choice.
    • The cost of time is most scenarios is quite negligible, this is because all you would need to do is provide the evidence of work experience and or previous studies that you have already completed. In some qualifications and certain cases you may need to complete gap training, however we will advise of this at the first opportunity.

    The length of time to obtain a RPL qualification is generally between 1-4 weeks in most scenarios, however this does vary per qualification. The length of the RPL process mostly depends on how quick you can gather your evidence for assessment.

    Yes, you can. However, please let your Student Support Officer know that you would like a Fast-Track assessment. Not all qualifications are able to be Fast-Tracked, and there is a Fast-Track fee that is payable.

    RPL involves the recognition of prior learning to a specific industry that in turn could provide you with a full qualification without the need of classroom-basedstudy or provided you with competency of certain units within a qualification. As such, through RPL you may be able to obtain a full qualification in your preferred industry with using evidence of your prior work experience and/or previous education. qualification, and academic transcript.

    You will be contacted by one of our RPL Student Support Officers who will do an initial skill check of your skills, this is done through asking several questions to identify if you have the necessary prior experience. Once deemed satisfactory, you will be provided with a checklist of documents that will be required to evidence your experience. Our designated trainer form one of our partner RTO’s will assess your evidence against the set guidelines, and once all units have been assessed as satisfactory you will receive your qualification certificate and academic transcript.

    RPL Evidence Review
    • It is imperative that you have evidence to support your claims of prior work experience or previous education in the industry of your desired qualifications. We will not be able to proceed without any evidence.
    • Our partner RTO will require you to provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI), as the qualification will be added to your online record. You can apply for a USI on the government website using this link;

    We will advise of the documents that are required for you to apply for your RPL. Generally, you would have an RPL application form and/or a RPL Self-Assessment Kit. If you wish to apply for RPL for a qualification, please contact our team on 1300 247 960.

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