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    How to have a fantastic RPL qualification with minimal spending

    To have a fantastic RPL qualification with minimal
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    Are you considering advancing your career with further qualifications? Do you want to make a career change? Or maybe you are thinking about expanding your knowledge in your field. However, when you look at the qualifications required, you may notice that you already have experience with over half the topics. It is a waste of time and money to study things you already know. So, what to do? That is where Rpl certification comes in.

    Define RPL

    RPL means recognition of prior learning. It is an assessment exam that tests your current knowledge and skills to decide if you can gain credit for your past experiences. By combining all your past experiences, Rpl certification reduces the time it takes for you to pass a qualification and save your money. You do not have to take offline or online classes and study dozens of books on topics you already know about.

    Why Should You Apply for RPL?

    There are many benefits to applying for Rpl courses. If you have work experience, you do not have to study the topics you know about. You should research reading materials and finish assignments on topics you already have experience with.

    However, if you do not have the knowledge, skills, or experience required, RPL courses may not be for you. It is impossible to obtain a certification if you cannot share proof or complete the assessment.

    Are you unsure? Do you have work experience but cannot share documented proof? We suggest doing the work and completing assessments and reading materials, and you may end up learning something in the process.

    Who Can Apply for RPL?

    Your eligibility depends on your qualification. Rpl qualifications are for people with recent or current knowledge, skills, and experience in the required field covered by their course.

    Let’s consider your course is about managing finances. To apply for Rpl qualifications, you will require a few years of work experience in managing finances and would need to share your work plans and finance ledger as part of your proof.

    We offer an assessment process for every student that contacts us to help them determine if they are eligible for this qualification. Your assessment results can help us identify if you shall be eligible for RPL.

    If you are eligible as per the assessment, you contain the experience and background for your qualification. However, that does not mean you are granted that certification, and you will still have to put together a proper portfolio for submission.

    Contact us if you are ready for an assessment.

    Obtain an RPL Certification with Minimal Costs

    Each applicant has a process. Hence, when an RTO accepts you, ask them to help you. Usually, to obtain a certification for one or more units, you must prepare a submission. Your submission will include a proof portfolio like undertakings and documents of your experience and an assessment interview.

    If the interview and portfolio are approved, you are granted RPL for your unit.

    Difference between credit transfer and RPL

    Credit transfer is different from RPL. Credit transfer entails examining your studies, like university qualifications, to decide if your past courses and grades count towards your current diploma or certification course.

    Here you will complete a process to determine if your previous course is equal to the current course and if the learning outcomes will be similar. However, this process has rules that the government enforces.

    For example, the unit must be equivalent to or the same as the current unit. If you completed a unit four years ago, it might no longer be equal to your current unit. This happens because the courses are often updated based on government recommendations every few years. Hence, the past course may no longer be equivalent to your new course.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The candidate:

    • Complete your profile within the time frame.
    • Do not expect your coach to hand out answers. Your coach will guide you but not feed you the answers.
    • Be truthful. Do not give your portfolio to someone else to complete. Assessors will contact you to verify your information and question the evidence. Avoid copying from the internet. Plagiarism will terminate your contract.
    • Research your answers if you are unsure.
    • Be responsible for your portfolio. You have chosen to gain an RPL certification, which means you know. This is an education process for adults; hence you are expected to conduct research and complete it in time.

    The Coach:

    • They will assist you in understanding the process.
    • They will help you understand any confusing questions.
    • They will guide you to read the required materials.
    • They will encourage and support you.
    • They will guide you via online discussion groups.
    • Your coach can also offer you a private skype session if you need it.

    The project manager:

    • The manager will assist you in staying on track through communications and reminders.
    • The manager will make sure you finish your assignment within six months.
    • The manager will take your portfolio and get it assessed and provide you with feedback.
    • Your manager will remind you to make payments if they are unpaid.

    With RPL, you do not get any training. You are assumed to be trained because you are applying for this certification. However, you may have doubts and may need help with some questions. If your unit has many theory questions, you may require a coach to help you through your process.

    Are you unsure if you can gain a credit transfer? Contact us with your qualifications, and we can tell you if you are eligible or not. Contact our team today for any RPL course or credit transfer queries. We are happy to help you throughout your process.

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